1. Going Home
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Driving blues, New Orleans accordion and harmonica.

Tony Peters guitar
Daniel Be bass
David Alderdice drums
Jesse Cooper accordion harmonica vocals

86 bpm


Heading down that super highway. Four on the floor everything is my way. Four twenty seven she's an older engine. Runs like a page at a house convention.
Keeping my eye on the rear view mirror, cause the man may be watching and I'm getting nearer to my
Home, I'm going Home

Highway byway, going my way, Hitch hiker sorry Charlie, catch you on another day. Exit ramp we took a little too fast but I, got good brakes they worked in the past.
Going too fast we better shut her down, Ran a red light in the middle of a little town.
I'm going home, I'm going home....

Down a back road driving through a corn field, dirt is a flying no time for a fast yield. Farms by the roadside wonders how his cow died, left California in the middle of a snow slide. Going back home where the wind still blows, to the beat of a rhythm everybody knows,
I'm going home, I'm going home...