Our Story

The “3 Tinkers” is an all original band that creates songs definitely out of the box from sleazy jazz New Orleans flavor to country shuffle blues, bossanova with an eastern twist, to island dance………and so on.

3Tinkers features the magic touch of Danial B on fretless bass, David Alderdice on drums/percussion, Tony Peters on guitar and horns, Randall Utterback on telecaster dobro fiddle mandolin, and Cooper on keys vocals accordion and harmonica.

“David Alderdice… World Class, World Beat Drummer”

“Danial B…. Magnificent Tasteful, Fretless Bassman”

“Tony Peters…. A Rare and Masterful, Combination of Guitar and Horns”

"Randall Utterback....The Consummate String Man" 

“Cooper… Unique Songwriter with a Diverse Background of Keys Accordion and Harmonica"

David Alderdice is a multi-faceted percussionist, drummer, music educator, recording artist, performer, enthusiastic rhythmist, ethno-musicologist, and co-founder of the Embodying Rhythm School of Percussive Arts based in Hotchkiss, Co. Find out more at EmbodyingRhythm.com.

Daniel Be is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who has played with many
projects on the Western Slope of Colorado. With a love for original and heartfelt music,
he lends his unique style and approach to the music at hand, drawing from a
appreciation of many styles and traditions.

Tony Peters, we call him the professor, When he is not teaching, he is educating himself
on the free world and picking up yet another instrument to learn and play at festivals!

Randal Utterback has played and recorded with so many people we don't even ask. From outlaw Telecaster guitar to Gypsy violin, mandolin and dobro. When he is not trying to smash his fingers building houses, he is turning down nationally known touring music stars so he can stay at home and play with us and his family"
Greg Cooperman, the songwriter for most of the musical tinkering, has previously played with Sashay, Bobby Mason and a guest with many national artists. When not herding elephants, you can find him on the park bench
writing songs and playing the harmonica and accordion.

Some listener comments…..
“I didn’t know whether to dance or to listen”
“Thank you for the beautiful music”
“Where have you been hiding”